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We have a wide range of alternatives when purchasing glassware goods at Dubai Crystal. We provide glassware in a variety of collections, including:

Tea Cups-Whiskey Glasses-Beer Mugs-Beer Tumblers-Candy Bowls-Casseroles-Cup & Saucers-Ice Cream Cups-Flower Vases-Serving Bowls-Fruit Bowls-Glass Containers-Steel Containers-Highball Glasses-Lowball Glasses-Plates-Serving Plates-Wine Glasses-Jugs-Jug Sets-Mugs.

We're offering 500+ Glassware products. Our policies are very customer friendly. You can read them here.


For its consumers to purchase, Dubaicrystal.ae provides 500+ glassware goods at excellent prices. There are many various types of glassware items, but we'll focus on the kinds we now sell here.


1. Glass Mugs

There are over 70 mugs available on dubacrystal.ae, all with unique characteristics and patterns. Coffee, tea, and other beverages can be served in these glass mugs. Glasses with handles are referred to as mugs. When it comes to beverages that are all in one, they are the greatest.

DSZB2010-1-2-768x768.jpg (713×713)


2. Jugs & Jug Sets

Around 50 Jug Products can be found on Dubaicrystal.ae. There are certain jugs that come in sets, meaning they will contain 6 or 4 tumblers or glasses. Other jugs come in single varieties and come with lids. Our best-selling jugs are the ones we also provide that can be kept hot or cold. Many families prefer the Jugs, which also includes 6 tumblers, though.


GPH28-2-1.jpg (713×713)

3. Wine Glasses

A number of sixty wine glasses goods are available from DubaiCrystal. We have regular and crystal wine glasses available. Visit our Crystal website to shop crystal glasses. Our wine glasses come in a variety of sizes and styles that you might prefer.


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4. Serving Platters

Serving platters come in over 60 various styles and shapes that we provide. Serving platters are a great addition to your table if you want to serve your visitors adequately. Although our serving platters are made of transparent glass and are highly bright, you may visit our crystal website to buy crystal platters.

Crystal-Serving-Tray_1200x1200_ccd96adc-304d-44ba-87d7-75863d64a46d.jpg (713×654)


4. Highball Glasses

A variety of Highball glasses from Dubaicrystal are available for usage with juice, water, and other types of beverages. They are glasses that don't have handles and are mostly used for cold beverages. About 30 different-sized Highball glasses are available. 

ES-1.jpg (675×675)


4. Glass & Steel Containers

For organizing your kitchen cabinets and storing food, Dubaicrystal provides a variety of container styles. For you to store your food in, we offer glass jars and steel containers. Many of the containers we sell come with wooden lids, while others come with steel lids. All of the containers include a glass window portion so you can see what's inside of them and evaluate them more quickly.


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H-_937.jpg (713×475)


5. Glass Serving & Fruit Bowls

Different fruit bowls that appear like clear crystal are available from Dubai Crystal. These bowls are great for serving guests with and can hold a lot of fruit. Additionally, they can be used to serve candy and desserts. However, in general, you may employ them for any purpose to provide upscale and courteous service to your visitors.

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6. Flower Vases

Dubaicrystal provides a variety of vases that you may use to store flowers as décor for your living space. They are really excellent, crystal clear, and look great in your living area. They make wonderful, elegant decorations that you can put on your table or anywhere you choose. You may pick from and purchase a variety of glass and crystal vases from Dubai Crystal.

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7. Ice Cream Cups

To serve your guests dessert after a delicious meal, Dubaicrystal provides a variety of ice cream cups. The ice cream cups look fantastic and are comfortable to grip. We have a variety of ice cream cups, so you may choose one that you prefer and buy it in the same style. They're excellent for giving your customers dessert in the heat of Dubai.

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8. Cups & Saucers

Looking for a beautiful glass to sip coffee and tea in? Cups and saucers are your best option, then. Cups and saucers are also fantastic for you since they prevent any water from falling into your property; instead, it falls into the saucer, making everything outside clean. At Dubaicrystal, you can choose from a variety of designs and sizes of cups and saucers.

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9. Glass Casseroles

Due to its tempered glass construction, the variety of casseroles available from Dubai Crystal may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including serving as salad bowls. The casseroles are an excellent option for reheating meals in the microwave because they come with a lid. Since they come with a cover and can be used in a cold environment, they're also a great option for salad bowls and if you want to store them in fridge.

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10. Glass Candy Bowls/Decorative Bowls

Dubaicrystal provides a variety of decorative bowls and candy bowls that can be used to decorate your home and make a lovely display for your visitors to enjoy your sweets and candies or other desserts in.

DSTG1043-2.jpg (713×713)


11. Beer Tumblers/Mugs

Different styles of beer glasses, some with handles and some without, are available from Dubaicrystal. They are excellent and simple to grip. We provide a variety of beer glasses, allowing you to select the precise one you want. Because of their fantastic, clean appearance, we're confident that you'll like them.

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12. Rock & Whisky Glasses

Many different styles of whiskey and rock glasses are available at Dubaicrystal. You can select your favorite whiskey or rock glass from a selection of over 50 that we have to offer. They look great and are very clear. It's a fantastic way to serve your visitors while having a great time. All of them are attractive and comfortable to handle.

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13. Tea & Coffee Glasses

Numerous various types of glasses with handles that are designed specifically for using with tea and coffee are available from Dubaicrystal. You'll like these since they are really sparkly and crystal clear. Turkish teacups are available from us and are excellent for drinking tea. However, we mainly have tea mugs in the shapes of Europeans, Arabs, and Indians.

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